Healthy Chicken Burrito

Healthy Chicken Burrito

This quick and healthy dish can be prepared as a wrap or a burrito bowl.

– 2 Chicken Breasts
– 1 Large Onion
– 9 oz of Canned Black Beans
– Large Tortilla Wraps
– Cooked Rice (1/4 cup for each burrito)
– Salsa
– Taco Seasoning
– Oil Spray
– Mexican Cheese
– Hot Sauce (optional)
– Guacamole (optional)

1. Cut chicken into thin slices and dice the onion.
2. Spray large skillet with oil spray, cook chicken and onion over medium heat.
3. Once chicken is cooked, add black beans to mixture and cook for 1 minute. Put aside.
4. Lay down tortilla wrap, place 2 tbsp of Mexican cheese, then 1/4 cup of cooked rice, place some chicken and beans. If you’d like, you can put on salsa, guac or hot sauce!
5. Youtube how to wrap a burrito because obviously I can’t teach you…
6. Wipe down the large skillet and heat the skillet over medium-low heat.
7. Place burrito seam side down. Once the burrito is golden on the bottom, turn it over and let it cook until golden.

1. Do step 1-3 from burrito method.
2. Place 1 cup of cooked rice in a bowl, place chicken and bean mix on top.
3. OPTIONAL: You can put cheese, guac, salsa, or hot sauce on top!


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